The Covid Stardate Series 1/6


The daily musings of Lockdown Lamb.

New games turning up by the minute. 1. Stay in the elevator until someone else gets on. Stay away from each other. See if you can get to your destination floor without being the one to push the germy buttons. 2. Text the next appointment that you are running late to the following excuse. “I’m in your building, but just hanging out in your bathroom – the one with all the toilet paper.” 3. A mate who is a Dr advised that the chorus of Jolene is the right length for hand washing time. While not minimising the importance of this: A, time how fast you can sing it. B, time how slowly you can sing it. C, replace the words. For c, my current fave is “Hands clean, hands clean, hands clean, hands cleeeee-eee-ean, I’m begging of you please go wash your hands. Hands clean, hands clean, hands clean, hands cleeeee-eee-ean, Please go wash them just because you can… da da da da”

New questions for TV game shows. Which suburb in NZ are you in if the supermarket has run out of gourmet ice cream? Which of these pictures shows a fever, and which is a hot flush? How many children in NZ now have to share a bedroom to make way for emergency supplies? Given the number of toilet paper squares now being hoarded, how many time a day does an average family of 4 have to poo to use them in a month? How many hours are in a day when you are self isolating? (Clue, more than 24) What percentage of people in NZ currently get out of their pyjamas? During self isolation, how many naps per day becomes the new norm?
Add more below…

Oh BEAR hunt! My bad 😬

Covid stardate 4. Lieutenant Buddy has achieved sleeping level 10. He says he’s dreaming of waterskiing in his sleep. This explains the state of the bed. 🤔 Which Lieutenant Lamb makes. So far on this voyage to save mankind, boldly staying in for longer than man has stayed before… the main symptom is Lieutenant Lamb prefacing many words with a small e. This is suffixed by a cringe and embarrassed grin. eDinner 😳 with eFambly 😳 tonight… XxLL
Edit. To clarify, neither of us has Covid. Xx

Covid stardate 5.
Today in lockdown revelations, Lieutenant Buddy confessed that sometimes, if the butter is too hard, he can’t be bothered putting any on his toast. 😶😶😶 I’m unsure if he can be trusted on this mission.
Boldly staying put longer than man has stayed before.

Covid stardate 6. Choir, the Vocal Frontier. Photographic chronology. BC-19, vs C-19 lockdown.

Covid stardate 7. It appears that humans breathe more heavily in lockdown.

Boldly not going where man has gone before.

Covid stardate 8. On this day we had people for eDinner, so I vacuumed and cleaned the bathroom. 🤔 On reflection, I could have just eVacuumed.

Covid stardate 9. Licks pencil 🤔 work out how to turn car reverse beeps/fridge door signal into 2m warning device.

Covid stardate 10. According to experts, maintaining routine is important. So I’m looking for one to adopt. Must include only things I like to do.

The Covid Stardate Series 2/6


The daily musings of Lockdown Lamb.

Covid stardate 11. “Apococlips” songs going around in my head… ghost town, final countdown, the end, don’t fear the reaper, ride of the valkyries. The lovely light counter to these is the hand washy Jolene (sing the chorus twice). I’ve never really thought about the verses, but I’ve always KNOWN one line… “Told myself 100 times, orange, lemon, raspberry, lime.” 😁 And then I found these pics while cleaning out boxes, (as you do in an apococlips) so I figured it was time to share the story… Anyway, you gots any? #SorryDolly #misheardlyrics #apococlipssongs

Covid stardate 12. Today I did 23 steps. I made up for it by doing 9,977 dishes. And there are only 2 of us. 😶🤯 WHERE EVEN DO THEY COME FROM?!?

Covid stardate 13. Good to see that some things don’t change.

Covid stardate 14. Days are feeling a bit stretchy, and there’s this weird barefoot guy that wanders around in my office making cups of tea and sandwiches… I quite like him. #lieutenantbuddy

Covid stardate 15. Chocolate holiday eve. Today the first pancake in the batch was round and perfect. 🥞🧙🏻‍♀️There is some sort of magic going on.

Covid stardate 16. Resisting the urge to go and sit at my office. Fascination with viewing recommendations setting in. Exercise beginning to seem appealing. WHO EVEN IS THIS?!?!?! 😱😱😱

Covid stardate 17. Saturday. 🤔 Any of you other losers forget to not stock up on cleaning stuff? 😁

Covid stardate 18. Household wildlife. (Please read in Attenborough Speak.) Recognising that his new owners were the “feed infrequently but very well” types, the vacuum cleaner, like most hibernating species, began storing food in his ‘portant little places. #blockedvacuumcleaner

Covid stardate 19. I’ve been pretending I’m living on the zoom virtual backgrounds. Sometimes I’m at the beach, sometimes in spaaaaace and sometimes I’m a little bug in the grass. 😁 In down to earth news, I’ve been feeling guilty about not watching My List on Netflix. 🤔 #normalisolationemotion.

Covid stardate 20. I observe that angry posts are returning. I distract myself from the messages by correcting grammar. “Angry rantsweary rave… your causing this you f*¥kn boomers/anti-vaxxers/trump tooters”. Sweetly, and oh so gently, I comment *you’re. 😊

The Covid Stardate Series 3/6


The daily musings of Lockdown Lamb.

Covid stardate 21. Lockdown Lamb presents: Covid Definitions!!
Professorial households – Thought Bubbles; Dramatic households – Soap Bubbles; Astronomy households – Hubble Bubbles; Angry households – Screech Bubbles; A rest home – Bubble Gum. A fart – Bath Bubble. When bubbles collide on the street and neither wants to break bubble formation… double bubble trouble…

Covid stardate 22. Stand on scales. Gasp. Wash dirt off in shower. Stand on scales. Gasp. Take off glasses (cos they’re heavy). Stand on scales. Wonder what they say. Put glasses back on. Gasp. Eat only half the chocolate you’ve been eating with your breakfast. #fixedit

Covid stardate 23. I went to the supermarket today. It was exciting. There were people that were not buddy. I felt an almost overwhelming desire to bark at them, or at least wag my tail.

Covid stardate 24. Covid habits… Today I realised that I’ve been sitting so long, my butt cheeks have moved to become a lumbar support. Also, zoom meetings may have ruined any chance I have of looking people in the eye in real life – I’ll always be looking just above their heads, or worse, at their chests or crotch.

Covid stardate 25. Sunday, so recreational challenges. 1. Make honey stay on the top side of Vogel’s. 2. Mash Netflix programmes together to create surprise endings. 3. Read the first chapter of 4 books and make up a world that the characters can live in. ANSWERS. 1. Put peanut butter under it. 2. Queer Eye saves Sheldon. 3. Winnie the Pooh goes off the eaten track to join the inquisition in Narnia. 💯

‪Covid stardate 26 🤔 A fumbly, flubbery, flummoxy day. Although there was a positive happenstance… Standing in the gentle glow of the fridge light for the 87th time, looking for the one thing I felt like, I realised with a smile that in a normal supermarket world, I would have whipped up the road and become the proud owner of aisle 5. Instead I drank some water and ate a piece of cheese. #savingmoneylockdownstyles ‬

Covid stardate 27. Today my office was so hot 🥵 that I had to pack up and move into Lieutenant Buddy’s office. I tried to make him move out by typing loudly, eating hard boiled eggs, and moving many items one at a time past him to my desk. Because he’s a lizard boy, (loves heat) he’s going to try working in my old office, which means I’ll have to make concessions in my morning ritual. 😱😱😱

Covid stardate 28. I play a patience game called Yukon. I play each one over and over until I solve it. There are apparently nearly a million variations (yeah yeah 🤨 I could work it out but I do numbers all day) Today it struck me, with the force of a thought going through Bill and Ted’s heads, that maybe they’re TRICKING! 😱😱 What if I’m playing the same 25 games over and over?! And then I realised, with a happy snort, that I don’t care. 😁

Covid stardate 29. Today I witnessed a zoom meeting from across the room. – It’s like they are made of ellipses. Lieutenant Buddy’s zooms are very business like. “… … … Aaaah… Auckland 007… oh, running I A P… oh yeah … nah… agreed… … … um, Pete, … you’re on mute.”
Mine are more like “… ooooh look… my arms disappear on this virtual background… Look I’ve got a cat with laser eyes behind me… … Oh, yeah you wanna talk about tax… but looook, I’m on the mooon,”

Covid stardate 30. Hi! waves hand … Worldometer autocorrects to World Omelet. I quite like it. 😁

The Covid Stardate Series 4/6


The daily musings of Lockdown Lamb.

Covid stardate 31. Thousand. Today we nearly had accidental dinner at 5.30. Because it felt like 8.30. It’s my lovely nephews birthday so we played online Pictionary with the fambly, and had cake vicariously over zoom. It doesn’t taste as good that way, and I’m fairly sure screen licking looks horrifying from the other end, but there are less calories. I also did couch yoga, and watched 62 million episodes of Chicago Fire.

Covid stardate 32. In these close quarter times, Lieutenant Buddy has just very kindly advised me that I could use his couch, or perhaps share it sometimes. 😱😱WHAT DOES HE WANT?

Covid stardate 33. Nice day off, read some good articles about various countries and their handling of The Virus. Here is what I learned… 1. It will take a year or more to see who is “correct”. 2. There are VAP everywhere. (Very Angry Persons). 3. I don’t believe we will end up with our brains kept in jars by the gummint, while Bill Gates injects us all to ensure he is in control 4. The Stupid person is… really stupid. 5. Everyone knew who that was.

Covid stardate 34. Personal styles. Lieutenant buddy wears work clothes and bare feet, a long well groomed beard and a dent in his long, puffy, styled hair where his headset rests. It’s as noticeable as Hilda Ogden’s curlers, and the style could be mistaken for a fabulous bouffant. Me? My eyebrows have strayed down my face.

Covid stardate 35. Million. Hump day. A snippy, stroppy, scratchy day in which I have no band practice. 😬 A fact that would get me down if I didn’t have a new game of… ALPHABET SANDWICHES!
Will it be an Avocado, Bacon and Cheese? Asparagus, Beetroot and Carrot? Should I start at Devilled Eggs (cheating) and Fennel? Is a Bacon Lettuce Avocado Hummus sandwich a BLAH? Can I make a sandwich out of my name? Your name? (🙄 Well, Obviously if our names are Abc, Def or Blah.) Lieutenant Buddy’s name? 🤔 That would be A. Very. Large. Sandwich. Would a spaghetti alphabet sandwich be the Mecca? Or just an alphabet alphabet sandwich… SO MANY QUESTIONS. But I feel better now. 😁

Covid stardate 36. Lieutenant Buddy had a sleepless night. Aaaaand therefore – so did I 😬. Aaaaaand possibly the rest of our street. 🤔 His first method of trying not to wake me is to lie still… very still. Very very still… 😨 So of course I wake because unnatural log of wood/horror store manikin … with eyes… next to me. 😱

Covid stardate 37. 😬 At no point in my quite long working life, did I think casual Friday’s could look like this. Take whatever is in your minds eye and add leisure pants and overused dressing gown. 💯 #levelledup

Covid stardate 38. Lieutenant Buddy and I are in a three day yawn off. He started it. It was a jaw cracking, noisy, MGM lion yawn that shook the couch. I responded with a dainty, mouth covered, girly yawn. We’ve been trading them ever since. Apparently if you like someone (or have empathy for them) you catch their yawns. I’m trying to cure myself by remembering that he leaves dirty dishes on the bench above the dishwasher.

Covid stardate 39. Today was a lazy, lovely, learning day. It was punctuated by the accidental and violent reordering of the games shelf. I went to get a board game out. I chose one, but the others (obviously sensing an opportunity for a rare outing) leapt off the shelf and showered me with their innards. On the upside I think I’ve put them all back together right, although there’s a possibility that some Frankensteinage happened. 🤔 Anyone for Yahderdash, Clueble, Monoquence? 😁

Covid stardate 40. FORTY! This working from home full time (when others aren’t) thing, means that Faceboob blows up with discussions about the news before I’ve seen that news and I’m like 😨😬 “woah what’s happening?” And all I can find is a kitten up a tree or a fish and chip conqueror or a baby whale that’s visiting, and I don’t think it’s about that, but how will I EVER KNOW because Aunty Google has moved on to Yet Another World Leader Exposing His Nasal Hairs and WHAT EVEN WAS IT!?!? 😱😱😱

The Covid Stardate Series 5/6


The daily musings of Lockdown Lamb.

Covid stardate 41. I’ve taken to making Very Specific Lunches in a Very Specific Way. I leave my toasty warm office and step into the cold hall, run to the warm lounge and stride purposefully to the kitchen. (🤔Saying it that way makes it seem quite far… Excellent.) I choose a stripy mug and a tall spoon for my soup, cut an apple into quarters add 3 Tom & Luke’s snack balls put them in my favourite childhood bowl, and take them into my office. Where these guys watch me eat it… 😶😶😶

Covid stardate 42. Avoiding all references to the meaning of life, I talk instead about life imitating art. We’ve gone Disney. Lieutenant Buddy has become a suave semblance of Wolverine, hair majestically rising in swept up peaks. Me, I have a bit of a sore shoulder, a bit of a sore eye and a slight limp… and I wander the halls calling “The Bells! The Bells!”

Covid stardate 43. Anticipating the news of being “let out”, like having a leg cast removed. We’ll be wan, floppy, hairy effigies of normal. Stepping tentatively. Flexing carefully. Knowing there’ll be some twanging as our muscles rebuild. 🤔 Welcome to Level Moonboot 😁.

Covid stardate 44. Today my online feeds filled up with articles on how to look good on Skype, FaceTime or ZooMeetings. I have experimented, and can tell you that the best option is appearing as a pizza, (especially as you can eat your own face. 😁)
However, these also work. See the smooth colouring and youthful glow. You’re welcome. XxJ


Covid stardate 46. BMI. Body Mass Index. Today I was shocked to find out how light I should be. It’s obvious that I’ve underestimated my height by 2 feet.

Covid stardate 47. I’ve decided that my next job will be as a “Podium Squatter”. I shall stand behind world leaders as they talk to the nation, but instead of poker face ima react. 🙄😬🤨🤪😨😱😴🤢🤯😂🤭🤫

Covid stardate 48. Life as book. Looking for back to work clothes. Must go with leonine hair and eyebrows. Cranky because I’m gonna miss my day jarmies. 🤔 You could say… I’m like a lion, being a bitch… in her wardrobe. 😁🤭🙄 #narnia #sorrynotsorry

Covid stardate 49. The number of stardates it takes to:
😶 Look at the to do list. 😶 Develop an irrational fear of shoes. 😶 Complete 10,000 steps. 😶 Grow 6 inches of unruly split ends. 😶 Understand Chicken Little. (A little) 😶 Think about the keyboard that’s been in the car for… 49 stardates 😶 Complete the survey of Lieutenant Buddy’s eating patterns to gain the best food advantage.

Covid stardate 50. The day on which keyboard warriors (middle finger typists) and VAP’s (Very Angry Persons) were released. 😤😠😡 While pleasantly surprised there were not more fisticuffs, I’m disappointed in the lack of follow through. It was certainly looking like there’d be bayonets on the field. 🧐Perhaps gauntlets have been thrown and there’ll be pistols at dawn, 🤔 or at least middle fingers straightened in every direction…

The Covid Stardate Series 6/6


The daily musings of Lockdown Lamb.

Covid stardate 51. 😨 nearly the end of the stardates, cos back to the office on Monday. Today I used up a square kilometre of whiteboard working out what parts of this experience I’d like to take with me. It turns out that much remains the same, except for the commute. 🚜 But I’ll miss the easy variety of foodstuffs, the proximity of jarmies and hanging with Lieutenant Buddy 🥰. Currently negotiating using stimulus money for purchase of a small wormhole. 🌌

Covid stardate 52. There was a bit of a chill in the air this morning, and today got dark at about 5pm, (which almost meant accidental dinner at 5.30 again.) The point though, is that I lit the fire to keep some warm in, and made a scientific discovery. 🤓 Newspaper stories become exponentially more interesting the closer they come to being a fire starter.

Covid stardate 53. Bubble burst eve. We visited fambly today. Excited as puppies, but surprised at how it actually felt just like yesterday since we’d seen them. 🥰 We figured that it’s just that nothing has really happened in our worlds. 🤔 Well, apart from 75 billion dishes … oh, and, it was only 1 second until I was yelling at the cars in the passing lane… 🤭

Covid stardate 54. Today I went to my office. I drove there in my car, the useful as, most fabulous Jupiter Landstrider Aragorn. 3 things. First. When daylight saving happens just before lockdown, your car clock may be wrong. This may create an unwarranted sense of urgency. 😨 Second. The eClean that you gave the car isn’t anywhere near as effective as you thought. Third. 🤔 How even do you petrol?

Covid stardate 55. So, of course it’s colder in the mornings now that I’m working back at my big girl desk. This morning though, Lieutenant Buddy, as I was preparing to hit the road, he… he… LIT THE FIRE! 😱 I think he was trying to trap me in the warms…

Covid stardate 56. In the last two days I have seen 7 billion people. 😶Yes, that’s correct. 😬EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD. 😱ALL OF THEM!

Covid stardate 57. 🤔Soooooo then. Resolutions. Those made in lockdown have an even shorter shelf life than those made at New Year.😬😁

Covid stardate 58. Friday. A REAL Friday. 😊 A Proper Friday. 😁 With proper TGIF attached. 🥰

Covid stardate 59. Saturday. 🥺Lieutenant Buddy is watching waterski videos. His body is moving side to side with the visuals and his leggies are twitching. 🥰 Every so often he tells me techonogical things. 😶😬

Covid stardate 60. The last stardate, for reals this time. These lil posts… They’ve lifted me out of funks, kept some healthy insanity in my world, engaged with heaps of you fullas and fullaesses… And for that I thank you all. It has been asked of me to publish them. So I have. In 6 WordPress blogs. I warn you, though – they’re not half as funny all together!! But they make for an interesting reflection on what we did to make life bearable in close quarters. (Oh I know I was absolutely under no duress.) It’s been a privilege. And random “today” posts will resume.

Showcase of Wellington Musicians


Hi Important Music Listener…

We’d like to invite all of you Wellingtonians to an EVENT!
Each year, Wham Bam Thank You Lamb showcases some incredibly fine and tasty local Wellington talent. Maybe you’d like to see some choice as originals bands and get your boogie on? Bet ya would!

We choose to showcase around ten bands in varying genres – although usually rock/prog rock.We choose a Sunday to make it easy for busy people to get to all or part of the gig, and We make it a high production value, to support these fabulous talents and make it truly enjoyable for the attendees. Oh and last, but not least, WE REALLY ENJOY SHARING AND HEARING THE MUSIC – so it’s only $5!

This year we are showcasing 11 (Yep ELEVEN) bands – culminating in the legendary Spines. Here’s a poster of goodness – and a bit about the bands…


Neverwoz is a band that combines songwriter Pete Baillie’s love of pop, rock, soul, funk, blues, folk, country, hip hop, and the surreal. Pete’s ambition is to write songs that get stuck in your head for days, so you walk around humming about love and loss, booze and beauty, world leaders and everyday losers. They have been part of the Wellington music scene since last year. Joining Pete are Gina on drums, Jonathan on bass and Megan on keys. They intend to record their debut album this year.

Emma Davey and the Monks of Cool

Emma Davey and the monks of cool have been described in the simplest of terms as a “class act”. Renowned Wellington vocalist Emma Davey delivers ear catching melodies guaranteed to have you humming along. Carefully crafted songs loosely sitting in the country genre but with a bit of sting in the tail. Sure to have you toe tapping, hip wiggling and even gently swaying. Embrace your inner country music fetish!!! (even if you don’t think you have one ) The Monks of Cool bring colour and depth to Emma’s classy compositions with twin guitars bass, keys, drums and the tightest vocal harmonies.


Ken Double: guitar, vocals
Allan Street: bass, vocals
John McDonald: drums, vocals

Music is a force for peace, love, joy and healing throughout the world, but not on Lawnmaster’s watch. Lawnmaster is a three piece of hard-rocking veteran nonentities who stand astride the guitar/pop nexus with a proud yet unwarranted self-confidence. In their work they like to peel back the facade of our hollow daily lives and reveal the suppurating mess of misanthropy within. It’s easier than writing hits. So far they have a vinyl single thing (I’m a Danger to Myself/Skinny) and an album of demos on Bandcamp (Raindrops on Kittens) as proof of their existence. They played a wedding once. They have no tattoos.

Three’s A Crowd

Three’s A Crowd are a rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. They are based in Upper Hutt and rehearse at Emerald Studios. The band formed in 2012 and now have over an hours worth of original tracks they play live. A debut recording is now in their minds after recently playing a couple festivals including Misty Mountain Hop Music Festival. Their 3 piece live sound is bound to take you by surprise and amaze you at it’s fullness.


Monroe is a Wellington band to watch. Their sound is unique and still accessible with hints of early U2, Radiohead, The Beatles and Nirvana.
On stage the band present well and entertain the audience during and between tracks making for an excellent night out with friends. There is no room for arrogance here yet these guys love music and they clearly love how they play it which is refreshing to watch! New Zealand has no shortage of quality musicians and this band is set to be one of best produced in recent years. I eagerly await how they will grow their sound from what has been a promising beginning.

Curlys Jewels

Curlys Jewels are from Wellington New Zealand,  They are regarded as one of Wellington’s up and coming rock bands. On 25 April 2014 the band released their debut full length album called “No Apostrophe”. The album has a range of melodic rock songs with radio friendly hooks with the single “Away for the Weekend” featuring on radio stations in New Zealand and overseas.

Curlys Jewels will be touring New Zealand throughout 2014 to support the release of their album. If you get the chance to see this band make sure you go as Curlys Jewels put on an incredible live performance!

for more information goto:

Steezin’ Hawkings

Steezin’ Hawkings are a seven piece band based in Wellington. National Battle of the Bands finalists in 2012, their collective influences come together to create a unique blend of Funk, Neo-soul and Fusion. With heavy funk riffs and lush grooves Steezin’ Hawkings create a massive sound and are at the least, exciting. These guys – are gigging heaps at the moment – and are rated highly by notables such as John O’Connor and Brannigan Kaa.


A support band, subversive yet uplifting. We aim to enjoy our therapy and make you dance! Too old to wait! Genre – yes thanks! Formed in Wellington four years ago, Underwire have survived head injury, conflicting work schedules, rhythm section transplant and much worse to emerge stronger, more uplifting and ready to be heard.


Melting Faces


An up and coming 3-piece instrumental trip-rock band currently hitting Wellington’s psychedelic music scene with style. Originally from Nelson, Triplet met at the local music school where they began writing together. Now all are Whitireia Music School graduands – they have been gigging frequently, breathing new life into the psychedelic/instrumental genre. Entertaining and energetic – a must see.


I wanted to feature the iconic Mr McLeary at this gig. He is one of the most prolific and fabulous writers in Wellington – prolly NZ actually! Jon has been gifting this music to us since the 80’s. For which I’m forever grateful.

Formed by Jon McLeary in 1981 around his songs, voice and guitar, The Spines are probably the only Wellington band from the early post-punk era to still be playing, having opened for The Buzzcocks no less in 2010. With arrangements featuring bagpipes and saxophones The Spines were perhaps too experimental/ folky to be easily identifiable as ‘punk’ but nonetheless had an audience in the hippy-punk scene of the early 1980s. The original line-up recorded at EMI in 1981 and released their first two singles, Fishing and Punch, on Auckland’s Ripper Records which featured some big name artists of the time The Androidss, Newmatics and The Swingers. 
Described by Simon Grigg as having an almost “post gothic darkness about them”[1] the mournful tone of their music coupled with the ethereal vibe of Naked Spots Dance and the political agit-punk of RIOT 111 for a boxing day gig at Rock Theatre in 1981 seems an appropriate way in which to send out the most violent year in modern New Zealand history. Following these initial singles The Spines released two albums on Wellington label Jayrem and Dunedin indie icon Flying Nun. Jon McLeary has continued the band through many amazing personnel changes. The current line-up features Les Knight on bass and Malcy Taylor on drums

Did I Get Blah? Did I?

It’s been an incredible couple of months… It’s been so full of THINGS! Life (Music) and breathing (Music) and stuff (Music). If the world was a kind and beneficient place – things we needed and wanted to do would line up in an orderly fashion with all of the tools and resources handy at exactly the right times. BWAH HAHAHAHA!

Instead – the world being slightly unrelenting in that regard, we end up weaving from thing to thing with a hope that we’ll do all of it in a competent and generous manner… aiming to be fully present. BWAH HAHAHAHA!

This full of THINGS issue – it’s self inflicted. The things are all enjoyable, and chosen. My days are full and rewarding, frustrating and blood pressurising in equal measure. And I have a tendency to stack my lists to unachievable heights. My desk looks like Stonehenge on a very mossy day. (At least there are gaps through which to see!) You see, without a project, I’m a bit flabby around the edges… How fabulous, then to find myself with way too much to do. BWAH HAHAHAHA!


My Desk at Sunset

You see – I have far too many talented friends. All of them are doing incredible things, and I wish to see them all. I want to be fully present and I don’t want to have to choose between them. Perhaps you could all just check MY calendar before setting up your events? Thanks. No more then of this having to juggle events. No more needing to make choices about this birthday party or that engagement party. No more missing out on gigs. THANKS. And sadly, BWAH HAHA ha ha

Which brings me to the question: Did I get Blah? Did I?

I always thought I was okay at change – in fact – aside from my initial response (NO!) I usually embrace it. But I think that organising several teams has meant I find last minute changes a challenge. BLAH! This wash of projects that I’ve chosen to do has made me intolerant of interruption. BLAH! But worst of all, I have started to resent gigs that run late. No not half an hour. I can cope with that. But any longer? NO NO NO! I have limited time in my world. Don’t put me out like that, don’t do it. Don’t disrespect me like that… Oh No, See?? OMG!! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

blah_blah_blahI think we’ve determined that I got BLAH. I’m going to try and remedy this by removing some projects from my Stonehenge piles. That will help with the interruption and last minute change Blahs, I’m sure. But I think nothing less than a full projectectomy will make me less crabby about gigs that run late. And that, my friends would just make me flabby…

Better crabby than flabby, methinks! BWAH HAHAAHA